Web hosting

Choose one of the popular web hosting packages with advanced control panel that provides centralized control of all resources.
We present four hosting packages: MINI, MIDI, BIG i SUPER
All hosting packages include:

  • Agents involved in the registration .hr domain
  • Cpanel ™ web application for administering hosting packages
  • Online email client / admin (webmail)
  • A detailed daily statistics site access
  • Own CGI-BIN directory
  • Custom error pages
  • Web applications (WordPress, Drupal, OS Commerce, Joomla, Post-Nuke, Magneto, phpBB2, PhpWiki, ...)

Web packages



  • 500 MB web spac
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 35 e-mails
  • 3 e-mail lists
  • 1 SQL Base
  • 3 poddomena (parked - addons domains)

Annual subscription: 350,00 kn + PDV



  • 1000 MB web spac
  • 3 FTP Account
  • 50 e-mails.
  • 5 e-mail lists
  • 2 SQL Baze
  • 5 poddomena (parked - addons domains)

Annual subscription: 500,00 kn + PDV



  • 2000 MB web spac
  • 5 FTP Account
  • 80 e-mails
  • 10 e-mail lists
  • 3 SQL Base
  • 10 poddomena (parked - addons domains)

Annual subscription: 800,00 kn + PDV



  • 4000 MB web space
  • 10 FTP Account
  • 160 e-mails
  • 15 e-mail lists
  • 5 SQL Base
  • 15 subdomains (parked - addons domains)

Annual subscription: 1.600,00 kn + PDV


Our hosting packages you do not fit? You do not need all the services included in the MINI, MIDI, or SUPER BIG package or you want to expand some of the packages?
There is a solution!

Allows you to arrange your own service package that will perfectly meet all your needs.
Simply contact us or write their wishes in the shortest possible time we will contact you with an offer for a package of services designed just for you!

Terms of services

Terms of Web hosting services

Terms of Web hosting services
(Contract for the provision of web hosting services)

  First Subject

           1.1.  The service provider is required to provide the user selected service package.

           1.2.    Characteristics of the offered services are publicly available on   www.freya.hr address, and are considered an integral part of the   contract.

           Second Reimbursement

           2.1.    Prices of all the services provided by a public service provider is   available at www.freya.hr address, and is considered to be an integral   part of the contract.

           2.2.  The service provider will provide services to the User account to send advance.

           2.3.  The user is obliged to settle the amount from the account in due time.

           2.4.  If the account is not settled until maturity, the service provider will determine another date and notify the user.    If the account is not settled even after the second deadline, the   service provider will determine the third period and notify the user,   and temporarily discontinue service to the settlement account.    If the account is not settled after the third period, the service   provider has the right to terminate the contract immediately and without   further notice.

           3rd General Provisions

           3.1.  In the case of the conclusion of distance contracts, the Law on Consumer Protection (NN 79/2007), Chapter VII.  - The contract has been concluded at a distance of Article 36  to Article 55

           3.2.    The purpose of the conclusion and execution of the contract, the   service provider from the user collects the following information: name   of the company (for legal persons), a personal identification number   (TIN), name, mailing address, zip code, city, state, phone number, e-   mail address.    User agrees to lease their data only for those purposes, information is   given voluntarily, and ensures that the data is accurate, complete and   up to date.  Consequences of withholding information is the inability of the conclusion and execution of contracts.

           3.3.    The service provider has the right to distribute to its users an e-mail   or in writing, about their services and their partners, and information   regarding the use of services.

           3.4.    The user is required to e-mail or in writing to the Service Provider of   any changes in personal / contact information no later than 7 days   after the change occurs, otherwise it will be deemed that the service   was duly made on the basis of existing data.

           3.5.  The service provider agrees to provide services to the consideration of a professional and the best you can.

           3.6.    The service provider must supervise the user data on the server or   access user data over the network, the need for technical support,   antivirus and antispam scanning, prevention of hacker attacks, backup,   determine a possible breach of contract, and other requirements   necessary to perform the contract.

           3.7.  Service provider does not guarantee the security of information transmitted over the Internet.  The user may need to use the service more secure transmission of data with encryption.

           3.8.    With regard to protection measures taken, Customer Service Provider   makes no warranty, express or implied, that as a result of these   measures, the potential for problems is entirely removed.

           3.9.    On a request from a service provider to the organization for the   registration of Internet domain names, in accordance with the same   organization, registered or required to extend the Internet domain name   of the user if the requested Internet domains available.    When applying for registration or renewal of any of the "en" domain,   the user declares that he is familiar with the applicable provisions of   the Regulations on the organization and management of the national   top-level Internet domain (NN 38/2010), and that it fully accepts.

           3.10.    On a request from a service provider to the organization's SSL   certificates for registration in accordance with the regulations of the   same organization register or extend the SSL certificate on behalf of   the user.

           3.11.    The service provider has the right to change the characteristics of   services, service prices, and terms of service, provided to inform the   user at least 14 days in advance.    In the event that the user changes is unacceptable you may cancel the   contract, without notice, until the date of entry into force.    In case of cancellation of the contract by the user, the service   provider will return to the User any amount received from the user to   the period after the entry into force of change.  The announced changes will take effect on the date of intent, without the need for an annex.

           3.12.    If either Party violates any provision of the contract, and after   receiving the notice of violation by the counterparty refuses to accept   the contractual provision within 3 days, the contract may be terminated   immediately and without notice.    In case of cancellation of the contract for breach of contract by the   service provider, the service provider will return the Client for any   amount received from the Customer for the period after termination of   the contract.

           3.13.  The service provider shall not be liable to Customer for any damages in case of:

           a) fault in the hardware or software components,

           b) work for maintenance of hardware and software components,

           c) hacking on hardware or software component,

           d) errors Customer or breach of contract by the Customer,

           e) problems with the vendor of the service provider,

           f) issues outside the jurisdiction of the Service Provider,

           g) force majeure.

           3.14.    The overall responsibility of the service provider for any damage to   the User, arising from tort Service Provider shall not exceed the amount   of the settlement service provider that is received from the user in   the last 6 months.

           4th Special provisions for service providers

           4.1.    Maintenance of hardware and software components will be done between   23:00 and 07:00 pm Croatian time, except in emergency situations when   there is a valid reason.

           4.2.    In the event of planned downtime a hardware or software component   longer than 15 minutes, the service provider will notify the user at   least 3 days in advance.

           4.3.    The service provider agrees to FTP, HTTP, POP3, SQL services   (hereinafter referred to as Services) will be available at least 99.90%   of the time in one calendar month.

           4.4.    In the event that the Service Provider's fault availability of service   for a particular calendar month is lower than 99.90%, according to the   complaint Users flies down payment will be deducted from the monthly   amount of the service.

           4.5.    Interruption in the availability of the Services, which occurred due to   the following reasons will not be included in the calculation of   availability:

           a) maintenance of hardware and software components,

           b) a hacker attack on the hardware or software component,

           c) user mistakes, or breach of contract by the Customer,

           d) the problem with the vendor of the service provider,

           e) issue outside the jurisdiction of the Service Provider,

           f) the impact of force majeure.

           5th Special provisions for Users

           5.1.    Customer agrees to take appropriate technical, personnel and   organizational measures to protect against unauthorized disclosure and   use of access data, such as user names and passwords, which he received   from the service provider.

           5.2.    The user agrees that all electronic documents that are stored on the   server and can be downloaded will be available for download from the Web   site and must be directly related to the general content of the   website.

           5.3.    User agrees that the Service Provider has the right to temporarily   restrict or deny access to services if it determines that the user used   for the following purposes.  User agrees that services will not be used to:

           a) violate or encourage violation of copyright and related rights, patents, trademarks,

           b) distributing, or stimulated distribute illegal copies of software,   software that can cause harm, illegal pornographic content, unsolicited   e-mail messages,

           c) spread or tried to spread threatening, abusive, discriminatory, racist, defamatory, harassing content,

           d) connecting to IRC or P2P services,

           e) without the express permission of the owner of the data and the   computer or network system examined the vulnerability of the system,   bypass security measures, forged evidence of the genuineness of traffic,   supervised, edit, or delete data, or overloading the computer or   network system,

           f) caused or attempted to cause damage to a service provider or a third party,

           k) has committed or attempted to commit an illegal offense.

           5.4.    The user will be liable for all damages that may arise a service   provider or a third party due to breach of any part of item 5.3.

           6th Duration

           6.1.  The contract is concluded for an indefinite period and is effective on the date of signature by both parties.

           6.2.    Either party may terminate the contract by giving written notice   (email, fax, letter) to the other party, provided that this is done at   least 7 days in advance.    In case of cancellation of the contract by the service provider, the   service provider will return the Client for any amount received from the   Customer for the period after termination of the contract.

           7th Jurisdiction

           7.1.    The relations between the contracting parties which are not governed by   this contract are subject to current Croatian regulations.

           7.2.    Any disputes relating to the contract the parties shall attempt to   resolve by agreement, otherwise the competent court in Zagreb.

           8th Final provisions

           8.1.  Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.    All statements, promises or conditions than those set forth in the   contract will not be construed in any way to contradict, modify or   affect the provisions of the contract.

           8.2.  Agreement supersedes all previous oral, electronic or written agreements between the parties.

           8.3.    User acknowledges that it is the service provider before signing a   contract with all useful information related to the services provided.

           8.4.    The Contracting Parties confirm that, prior to signing the contract had   an opportunity for consultation with legal counsel, and that the treaty   provision readable and clear.


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