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  • 3D Vizualizacije
  • Web dizajn
  • Grafički dizajn

Welcome to our studio

We offer a specialized and professional service of producing:

  • 3D visualization and animation
  • Web sites and applications
  • Graphic Design and Visual identity
  • Industrial Design
  • Multimedia presentations

We provide hosting services :

  • web servers - web hosting
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Who we are?

FREYA Company LLC commenced operations in year 1991
Since 2004. year, we expanded our business and offer services in the field of 3D visualization and animation, graphic and industrial design, and web design and hosting.

A modern approach to business and a team of experienced people in the field of design, graphics, and computer science - have resulted in successful projects and satisfied customers.
We have worked on a large number of interesting and challenging projects through which we confirmed our knowledge, competence and professionalism.

3D visualization

We offer computer presentation of construction projects using the latest achievements of computer technology. We strive potential client / investor as faithfully as possible closer picture of the construction project, which is just beginning construction and hence the name of the client visualization alone justify future investment or foreign investment, and enhance marketing and economic value of the project.

Web design

We offer development of a modern, functional and comfortable design pages. Results will be clear, simple for users to navigate and find information, and every detail will be given much attention. Our expert team of developers using the latest approaches in the application of technology to create a web page. It will be fully functional in all popular Internet browsers, it will quickly load and be visible at all resolutions. Visual maturity of, advanced techniques of web design and top quality graphics are just some of the attributes that will take your website can boast.
We also offer maintenance and administration of pages for their production.

Graphics design

AIf you're not sure how it should look like your product, logo, advertising, .. indulge yourself with confidence to our experience and knowledge.
We shall  devise and suggest the best solution, recommended format and print technologies, keeping in mind your suggestions and wishes. To create your visual identity is in charge of a team of experts in design, graphics, information technology and marketing.


Choose one of the popular web hosting packages with advanced control panel that provides centralized control of all resources.
Advantages of our hosting services:
Advanced CPanel, Automated registration on search engines, Automatic installation of over 40 popular web applications (OS Commerce, Joomla, Post-Nuke, Xoops, phpBB2, Coppermine Photo Gallery, Advanced Poll, PhpWiki, ...),
Unlimited number of subdomains Autoupdate

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